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Use science to manage your high potential talent. The TALENTx7® Assessment can eliminate much of the guesswork, perceptual biases, and subjectivity from managerial selection and annual talent reviews. Hard data are examined to help measure an individual’s leadership potential and learning agility. The conversation changes from hearsay, limited observations, and opinions to applying independently collected and objective information to make such important talent decisions. In addition, executive coaches and mentors are provided new insights into an individual’s leadership strengths and developmental areas.

The TALENTx7® Assessment incorporates science into the following talent management decisions:

  • Executive, Managerial, and Supervisory Selection
  • Identification and Development of High Potentials
  • Selection for Global Assignments
  • Promotion and Transfers
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Integration
  • Corporate Restructuring

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The purpose of the certification is to increase one’s understanding of learning agility and how to use it effectively for the selection of individuals into leadership roles as well as for the identification, selection, and development of high potential talent. Upon completion of the certification program, participants will be able to purchase this proprietary instrument and use it in their client organizations and coaching practices.

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Executive Coaching
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