Senior Team Effectiveness

Great organizations are led by great teams – not only by great leaders. We apply proven insights, processes, and techniques to create strong, more aligned, and more effective senior management teams. The TALENTx7 Assessment can be used as a team building exercise to enhance each member’s awareness and appreciation for what others contribute to the team.

From a learning agility perspective, very high “Drive to Excel” and “Cognitive Perspective” scores and simultaneously low “Self-Insight” and “Feedback Responsiveness” scores are common among members of senior management teams. In other words, our experience shows that many senior leaders are ambitious and tend to view issues from a 50,000-foot strategic level, therefore ignoring important details. Further, these team leaders often lack insight into their behaviors due to limited feedback and, once informed, may resist changing their behaviors.

The recognition of such dynamic tendencies within a group can help the team members formulate approaches to avoid interaction and decision making pitfalls. The feedback of learning agility at the team level also can help members leverage the unique behavioral strengths of each individual.