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TALENTx7 Certification


The purpose of the certification is to increase one’s understanding of learning agility and how to use it effectively for the selection of individuals into leadership roles as well as for the identification, selection, and development of high potential talent. Upon completion of the certification program, participants will be able to purchase this proprietary instrument and use it in their client organizations and coaching practices.


  • Examine the concept of learning agility and discuss how to apply it to select supervisors, managers, and executives, as well as to identify, select, and develop high potential talent.
  • Review the psychometric scales of the TALENTx7 Assessment and examine how it measures learning agility. Special attention is devoted to inspecting how the assessment verifies the accuracy of a respondent’s scores.
  • Review the scientific support underlying the development of the TALENTx7 Assessment.
  • Learn how to interpret the three reports generated by this online self-assessment.
  • Receive participant’s own scores on the assessment and examine implications for their personal leadership development.
  • Practice giving feedback with the TALENTx7 Assessment in a roleplay setting.

Materials Used During Certification

The following materials will be provided during the certification:

  1. Select journal articles, book chapters, and whitepapers examining the topic of learning agility
  2. Hardcopy of PowerPoint slide deck
  3. TALENTx7 Technical Manual
  4. TALENTx7 Developmental Guidebook
  5. TALENTx7 Assessment Sample Reports – T. Sample and L. Sample
    1. Individual Feedback Report (2)
    2. Professional Coach’s Report (2)
    3. Organizational Report
  6. Each participant will complete theTALENTx7 Assessment and receive their results
    1. Individual Feedback Report
    2. Professional Coach’s Report
  7. Certification Knowledge Review
  8. Feedback and Coaching Session Checklist
  9. TALENTx7 Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide

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