Using the TALENTx7 to Indentify and Develop High Potential School and System Leaders: A Case Study

Executive Summary

In 2017, a large educational provider in Western Australia hired Kaya Consulting to design a leadership identification and development program for their schools and school system leaders. The TALENTx7 was a major part of this program. The authors of this case study describe the four-phase approach that was implemented and present learning agility results of each cohort to complete the program during the past three years. Interestingly, overall learning agility scores significantly increased each year, suggesting the organization improved its selection process to identify potential leaders over time.

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Other Case Studies

The TALENTx7 & Ultimate Software Case Study

Two executive coaches discuss the journey their company embarked on to introduce and implement the TALENTx7 for the identification and development of their high potential leaders. Their insights with regard to ensuring that highly technical professionals also were embraced in the computer firm are particularly interesting.

The TALENTx7 & J. M. Huber Corporation Case Study

The author Dr. Marilyn Buckner provides an 8-step blueprint to describe the process of using learning agility in succession planning and high potential selection that was implemented at J. M. Huber. She also presents the results of a three-year leadership program to develop executives. Time 1 and Time 2 results from the TALENTx7 reveal significant increases in learning agility over time.

The TALENTx7 & Fosun International Limited Case Study

Fosun is a large Chinese privately owned enterprise (POE) with multiple business lines and a global footprint. The author and lead consultant Jack Lim describes his work applying the TALENTx7. Based on its results, 30 HR managers were certified on the assessment and a customized leadership development program was implemented to enhance learning agility and self-awareness.